At long last, after a year-long beta stage, GenieACS 1.2 has finally arrived! This is a very exciting release (as far as enterprise software goes) that not only introduces many new features and a great deal of polish, but also brings about core fundamental improvements that make GenieACS more versatile and takes it to a whole new level in terms of adaptability, especially when it comes to customizing the system for different CPE data models. Refer to the previous post for the main highlights of v1.2.

In addition to a large number of bug fixes and stability improvements, a few new features slipped in since the last beta release. Most notable of which are support for Get/SetParameterAttributes TR-069 methods, and the ability to write conditional expressions using CASE/WHEN/THEN statements. For a full list of changes see the changelog file or the release page on Github.

Upgrading from v1.1 to v1.2 should be relatively straightforward. Go through the changes listed in to guide your upgrade. As for genieacs-gui, it should work as-is since API compatibility is maintained. However, it is highly recommended to drop genieacs-gui in favor of the new UI in v1.2 to take advantage of all the shiny new features and also because genieacs-gui is not going to be receiving much attention going forward. Unfortunately, however, there’s no migration path for genieacs-gui to the new UI so you’ll need to reconfigure your new UI from scratch. Not ideal, but it will be worth it, I promise.