Issue tracking

For bug reports related to GenieACS core, click here.

For GUI related bugs or feature requests, click here.

If unsure the issue you’re facing is a bug in the software itself, please use the Users mailing list instead. We’d like to keep Github Issues strictly for bug reports.

Mailing lists

Subscribe to the Announce mailing list to stay informed about new releases and other project announcements.

For community support and inquiries, subscribe to the Users mailing list. Note that you need to be subscribed in order to post to the mailing list. Before posting, consider searching the mailing list archive here or from your favorite search engine.

Please consider the following few tips when posting to the mailing list:

  • Make your subject line short and descriptive. Change the subject line when the subject of the thread changes.

  • Don’t include the entire previous message when replying. Quote only the relevant portion of messages you respond to.

  • Start a new thread for a new topic.

  • Don’t send styled text or HTML message, only send plain text email. Keep your email signature concise.

  • When replying to a digest post, be sure to change the subject to match that of the original message.

  • If you ask about a problem, then come up with the solution on your own or through another source, by all means post it.

  • Make sure no automated responses are sent to list posters (e.g. vacation messages).

Note: Please be aware that mail to these lists will be distributed to many subscribers, and will be permanently and publicly archived.


One of the most important ways to contribute to the project is to improve the documentation in the wiki. Any improvement, no matter how small, will go a long way to help others. Answering questions in the mailing list is another great way to help the community. Sharing your knowledge and experiences will not only help the person asking in the mailing list, but anyone else in the future stumbling upon your answer through search after facing a similar issue.

To contribute code such as bug fixes, please open a pull request on Github. For contributing feature enhancements, please discuss in the mailing list first to explore different approaches.