Issue tracking

For bug reports or feature requests related to the core components, click here.

For GUI related bugs or feature requests, click here.

Please any other inquiries, please refer to the mailing lists.

Mailing lists

For community support and inquiries, subscribe to the mailing lists.

A few tips when submitting to the mailing lists:

  • Make your subject short and descriptive.

  • If you include the original message in your reply, trim it so that only the relevant lines, enough to establish context, are included. Chances are (since this is a mailing list) we’ve already read the original message.

  • Make sure no automated responses are sent to list posters (e.g. vacation messages).

  • Please be aware that mail to these lists will be distributed to many subscribers, and will be permanently and publicly archived.

  • If you ask about a problem, then come up with the solution on your own or through another source, by all means post it. Someone else may have the same problem and is waiting for an answer, but never hears of it.