Jun 6, 2024 — GenieACS 1.2.13 released
  • Device Provisioning

    Scriptable configuration to handle complex device provisioning scenarios and other automated operations such as firmware upgrade.

  • Integration

    A rich HTTP-based API allows for easy integration with GenieACS. While extensions let you access external systems from your configuration scripts for even deeper integration.

  • Battle-Tested at Scale

    Performant and horizontally scalable to manage hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of devices.

Trusted By

Supported Devices

GenieACS can work with any device that supports the TR-069 protocol. It auto-discovers the device’s parameter tree (including vendor-specific parameters) making no assumptions about the device’s data model. It’s been tested with a wide range of devices (DSL, cable, fiber optics, LTE CPEs, VoIP phones) from many different manufacturers.